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[make me choose] merthur or destiel (asked by byddai)

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 Don’t focus on writing characters who are strong. Write characters who arepeople. (x)

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Probably the most inspiring picture ever, I believe it was the 2008 Beijing Games and the guy gave up the race to help another 

why doesn’t this have a million notes? this is actually amazing.

no hipster chicks deem it starbucks enough? damn awesome picture


how can you not reblog again and again.. it’s the most beautiful photo on tumblr

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I just want GRRM to say 

"fuck dany, fuck cersei, fuck marg, Shireen is the queen that Cersei fears."

I could confess to a murder, you can’t say a word. I could have murdered someone this morning and you can’t say a word. But, if i’m planning to commit a murder…

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one time i was channel surfing and i came to a scene in twilight where rob pattinson climbs up into a tree as edward cullen and i changed the channel and rob pattinson hopped out of a tree as cedric diggory from harry potter


i’m about to cry

my brother told me that only today he found out that LGBT stood for les/gay/bi/trans instead of lettuce green bacon tomato

he looked at me and he had tears in his eyes and he said in the most horrified voice

i’ve been telling people i like LGBT sandwiches okay that means i’ve been having gay sandwiches

then he started to cry and ran off and yelled

they all think i’ve had gay threesomes!!!!!

i’m actually crying omg 

I wanna know about those strangers like me

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Harry getting some help from the Half Blood Prince during potions class

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