rumbelle → kisses [1/∞]

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I’ll face it, I’ll save it
…until my last breath fading.

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Dartmoor. It’s always been a place of myth and legend. But is there something else lurking out here? Something very real.

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they want to go fishing but ICE

bald eagles look grumpy on their best days but this is grumpy waddling and it is amazing

he walks over to the others in the last gif like “man this lake fucking sucks”

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Basically, it’s cute smile to the bride’s side, cute smile to the groom’s side, and then the rings.

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w  a  r    i  s    w  a  r ; 

but killing a man at a wedding? horrid.
what sort of m o n s t e r, would do such a thing?

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do musicians have their own music on their iPod as their band name or is it just under ‘me’

the incredibles + faceless

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"I know how to sprain people"

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I’ve met some pricks in my time but you are the fucking cactus.

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Sherlock + episodes

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